10 Funny Wedding Proposals

10 Funny Wedding Proposals

10 Funny Wedding Proposals

Wedding Proposals should be special and exciting. It would be the first big step in getting married to the one you love. It can be so romantic and it can also be funny. Now why don’t you have both? Here are some 15 funny wedding proposals that would make you laugh and at the same time make your heart melt.

1.) Diamond Ring flavored Milkshake

He put the diamond ring on her milkshake. That was a bad timing because she and her friends had a milkshake race and she tried to drink it fast. She didn’t even felt the engagement ring passed through her throat.



2.) Forever After

This is a permanent tattoo. He risked doing it, assuming that she would say YES. Thankfully she did!



3.) Will you be my Blueshirt Bride?

This is just so sweet! He bravely posted his proposal in front of thousands of people on their favorite game.



4.) Gynecology Checkup

This was the place they started their romantic journey. Who would imagine that this would also be the exact same place they’re going to start their next level journey?



5.) Gaming Couple

The couple is probably into gaming. She should be playing or else she would never understand what he meant on his proposal. 😛




6.) Hamburger Craze

If she loves his hamburger that much then she might ‘bite’ this funny proposal. I mean, he just pierced that Diamond Ring there, right? XD


7.) Sweethearts from the 90’s

The couple should be kids from 1990’s as they still know this 8-bit game. They might have loved playing Mario back then. <3


8.) My love for you is upside, down!

Your effort is appreciated woman, even though you had it upside down! 😛


9.) The Favorite Dating Place

He probably took her out to a Pizza treat and surprised her with this yummy proposal.

marriage-proposal-sign110.) Caught on Cam

She must have been watching the game because if not, then this proposal attempt will be for naught.


These really are funny yet romantic proposals. I wonder how would my proposal be like. But you know what? I don’t mind. As long as it comes from the man I love, then that would be the most perfect wedding proposal of all time. <3

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