Emirati Weddings- Grandeur at Its Best!

Emirati Weddings- Grandeur at Its Best!

Exclusive glittery designer dresses, customized gold and diamond jewellery, a grand spread for buffet,
and of course, a number of ceremonial rituals preceding the big day- Emirati wedding customs spell
decadence and lavishness in every bit of it. While every Muslim wedding abides to the practices and
laws as stated in the sacred book of Quran, the Emirati weddings taking place in Dubai showcase the
influence of the UAE lavishness in its customs and traditions as well. Here’s a glimpse of the colourful
and decadent ceremonies that are celebrated in the present day Emirati weddings.


Initial customs:  Though an Emirati wedding extends for about a week, with all of its elaborate customs and rituals, yet the wedding preparations starts off about a month ago, followed by the wedding proposal ceremony of
Al Khoutha. It involves a ceremonial proposal from the father of the groom to the father of the bride for
the wedding. This one is followed by a custom Al Akhd, wherein a contract agreement is made up for the


The Customary Bridal Pampering: Post Al Akhd, once the wedding date is spoken upon, the bride is pampered with the best of everything, at her father’s place. Beginning right from the customary skin and hair care, with the best of oils and scented extracts of jasmine and amber to the healthiest of food, the bride-to- be is pampered and
adorned all through the forty days preceding the wedding. During this little span of time, her groom-to-
be doesn’t step back from pampering her either. She receives finest of silks, exclusive jewellery and best
of perfumes from her groom-to- be. Well, all the gifts from her groom-to- be are a collection of beautiful
options for deciding upon Addahbia- her wedding trousseau.


The customary bridal pampering


Decadence at its Best: Though most of the events of an Emirati wedding are so planned that separate ceremonies are held for men and women, yet none of these events miss the grandeur and fun. About a couple of days prior to
the wedding ceremony, a bridal shower is arranged. The super gorgeous ladies show up in their best
attire. Traditionally, this ritual is supposed to be held at the bride-to- be’s residence, but now, the venue
chosen by the bride-to- be ought to be magnanimous, the venue is super tight on the security part,
keeping it to a private affair.

This one is the mehendi ceremony of the bride wherein no male guests are admitted. All the ladies
dance the night away flaunting their dazzling ensembles. The bride-to- be is showered with gifts and
blessings from her relatives. These customs of adorning the bride-to- be with mehendi and kohl is
followed by another fun ritual of Al Aadaa. The special ladies of the bride-to- be tease the groom for the
compensation for adorning his bride-to- be with mehendi and kohl. The decadence of the gifts including
the ensembles and trousseau that the bride-to- be is showered with by the family of the groom-to- be is
showcased in a ritual called Zaahbaah, at the bride-to- be’s residence. A few more fun customs preceding
Zaahbaah includes the Al Ardha wherein people enact a dance at the bride’s residence.


Grandeur at its Best- Nikah: In the presence and guidance of the priest, usually popular as Qazi, the rituals of Nikah take place. The bride and groom are seated at separate places surrounded by their respective female and male relatives and friends. The wedding called Nikah is followed by an even grander reception. The bride arrives with
her groom at the venue and after a few customary events, the groom leaves for a separate hall, wherein
seating arrangement is done for him. Once the groom leaves for the other hall, all the ladies bless the
bride and tap their feet to the tunes of the DJ. After a while, the groom arrives to the bride’s hall, with a
flamboyant train of fellow men.

Though the seating is arranged separately for the ladies and the gentlemen at all the events, yet, there is
no less fun in any of the events of an Emirati wedding. An elaborate food menu, a decadent décor at a
private yet splendid venue and all glitters and dazzles are what Emirati weddings are all bout!


Grandeur at its best- Nikah

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Emirati Weddings- Grandeur at Its Best!
There is no less fun in any of the events of an Emirati wedding. An elaborate food menu, a decadent décor at a private yet splendid venue and all glitters and dazzles are what Emirati weddings are all about!
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