Glowskies Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Make a wish on your Wedding with Glowskies

The Flying Lanterns rise effortlessly to the sky before vanishing like a distant star, creating a visual effect that will mesmerize. It is said that Flying Lanterns were lit to make wishes and send them to the sky. The higher the lantern flies, the more likely the wish is to come true.

The Floating Lanterns are lotus flower lanterns that are lit using tea light candles decorating pools, gardens, patios, or any outdoor surface. Like lilies on a pond, decorative glowing flowers dancing to the evening breeze.

The Candle Lanterns are beautiful paper lanterns with a decorative cutout to allow the illumination of light. Just fill with pebbles or sand and place the tea-light candle in the center, and create a warm way of decorating your space.

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