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Marriage Certificate Registration from Marriage Registrar Official.

Marriage Registrar official: Authorized by Dubai courts for issuing marriage contracts/certificates for all nationalities. You can contact us for Marriage Certificate Registration.


First:  General Procedures

  1. Presence of spouses, bride’s guardian along with two Muslim male witnesses. They should possess their national ID (for UAE nationals) or original passports (for expatriates).
  2. To bring the medical examination for the marrying pair issued from a government hospital. (Format approved from ministry of Health).
  3. If either of husband, wife or her guardian is unable to come in person, they may delegate a proxy through officially certified power of attorney.(see clause 5)
  4. At least one of the party to the marriage contract (Husband – Wife – Wife’s guardian) should be a holder of employment or residence visa of Emirate of Dubai. While a UAE Citizen may get married if he works in Dubai. (Proof should be submitted).
  5. Power of attorney or documents issued from a country outside the UAE must be ratified by the following:
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the country
  • UAE embassy on the country
  • UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Translated into Arabic by legal translator

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Translation should be attested by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

  1. If there were documents issued from a consulate or an embassy in UAE, the same must be ratified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Arabic by legal translator (according to clause 5).
  2. In the event of wife’s father’s death, the certificate of Death should be produces. Her closest guardian should appear for the marriage. ( i.e. her brother, nephew, uncle and cousin ) or his proxy appointed by official power of attorney ( according to clause 5 ).
  3. If the wife is divorced or widowed, she must submit an official certificate for the same. (observe clause 5).
  4. Divorce judgment issued by a court in the UAE, should be sealed with an executory note.
  5. UAE national should produce his original passport if he intends to marry a non-GCC citizen.
  6. All the marriages will be conducted by Marriage officials Outside court on all days and the details of the Marriage official are as follows

Second: additional procedures (for new Muslims (female)

A converted female into Islam should submit certificate of embracing Islam as well as singleness certificate from her embassy that she is not married, along with its legal Arabic translation, duly attested from Ministry of Justice of U.A.E However she may be not require presence of her father or legal guardian. Besides Islam embracing she should also submit a certificate from any Islamic centre recognized by any Islamic centre approved by the ministry of endowments.

Third: additional requirements for marriages

  1. Libyan males: for marriage of Libyan males with non-Libyan females, submit an attested approval letter from the concerned authorities (according to clause 5).
  2. Yemeni females: submit an attested approval letter from the concerned authorities (according to clause 5).
  3. Lebanese females: Attested copy of Family Civil Register and Personal Civil Register, which should not be older than 3 months. (according to clause 5).
  4. Moroccan females: should produce an attested certificate of singleness (according to clause 5).

Fourth: Additional requirements for people from gulf countries

  1. UAE male citizen, whose passport is issued from Ajman and wants to marry with non-GCC females, should present no objection letter from Ajman Sharia Court.
  2. For marriage of Saudi, Qatari, Omani and Kuwaiti male nationals intending to marry a non-GCC national should submit an attested approval letter from the concerned authorities (according to clause 5).
  3. For marriage of Bahraini male with a non-Bahraini, an attested approval letter from the concerned authorities should be produced (according to clause 5).

Fifth: Special procedures for marriage of UAE national female with no UAE national and marriage of Dubai national female to UAE passport holder:

  1. Submitting Conduct Certificate (for non-GCC national).
  2. Signing on the declaration for marriage of UAE national female with non-locals.

Sixth : Working Hours

Working hours at Personal Status Section in Dubai Courts for Marriage Contract of UAE Nationals and expatriates on all working days from 08:00am until 05:30pm



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