YAS MEDIA/Fash 21 (Fashion 21) Dubai Dubai - United Arab Emirates
The only way to build a strong brand is to first create a great product. When your business focus on customer experience and deliver a superior product at a great price, customers will project a brand upon you that is much stronger than any of your current marketing can create. If you have a great product, it’s likely that customers are already taking photos and videos of your product and sharing it online. Product & Services: Commercial Filming & Photography Advertising Champaign Product Filming/Photography Documentaries Corporate Event Video Production Company Profiles Video Events Filming & Photography Live streaming OB(Outdoor Broadcast system) We have access to the best technology in the Media Production, Fashion Studio and Post Production. We have a large range of equipment in-house, including cameras, lighting and we offer edit suites in-house.

We offer full TV production services across the region for commercials, publicity campaigns, television series and programs, corporate videos, photo shoots, all genres of music programming and video clips, news and current affairs, live events, etc

Listing Type : Video & Photography
Location : Dubai
Contact Address : Warehouse No. 13 and 14, Plot No. 215-608, Street No.12, Umm Ramool, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : 58 562 2121
Email Address : sales@fashion21.tv
Website URL : www.fashion21.tv
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