Collars & Cuffs, Bespoke Wedding Suits in Dubai Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The perfect wedding has to be personal.
The perfect wedding suit – Bespoke.

Nothing makes a bride happier than a sharply dressed groom. The perfect wedding man’s suit is the crowning glory of a wedding. So, if you are looking for experienced hands to craft a well fitted and stylish wedding attire in Dubai then count upon the master cutters and sewers at Collars & Cuffs.

For the past 20 years, this tailoring house has been known as Dubai’s Suit Concierge. Run by a family of couturiers, the Collars & Cuffs flagship store is an experience in bespoke couture. Visit the store and your Suit Concierge shall not only help you choose the perfect Groom’s suit, he shall put together a complete look for every important day during the wedding week. Starting with assisting you in choosing the fabric and style that will enhance your personality as a groom without comprising on your comfort level. At Collars & Cuffs, you are given a choice to select from 2000 fabrics from a selection of 10 of the best British and Italian brands. To choosing the best fusing company in the world, so that your suit has a longer life and can resist bubbling.

Collars & Cuffs are known for their patented Six Step process.

Step 1: Comprises of the Consultation with the suit concierge, where you tell them your suit requirement and provide them with the necessary measurements.

Step 2: Is where you decide upon the suit design and the choose the fabric. You can choose the buttons, lining style, pocket and accessories. They will also sketch out the basic design for you to get an idea of how the suit will turn out.

Step 3: Comprises the structure trial and any modification that might be needed.

Step 4: This is the Collars & Cuffs Shadow Trial, where you will be presented your exact measured suit but in the special sample fabric. This is to check that the suit fitting is perfect.

Step 5: Will be your finished fine wedding suit.

Step 6: Is your feedback as you wear the perfect suit on your wedding day.

So, if you are looking for a couturier in Dubai with a precision in tailoring, to design your special wedding outfit, just visit the Collars & Cuffs flagship store at Sunset Mall on Beach Road at Jumeirah 3, Dubai. And let your Suit Concierge make you the perfect sartorial equivalent of your stunning bride.

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