Gazebo Catering Aghaadir Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

If you want to treat your guests like royalty, there’s only one place in the city that prepares delicacies from the recipes of royal kitchens: Gazebo. Where you can taste famed historical delicacies from the courts of Lucknow, Hyderabad and Awadh. Our mission stems from the Indian saying ‘guest is god’ and this manifests itself at all levels, from our service to our offering, which is truly a labour of love. And the Dum Pukht style of cooking is the finest expression of that passion. ‘Dum’ is steam, and ‘Pukht’ is to cook. Translating into a style of preparing dishes in their own juices on a very slow flame. The net result is succulent, rich in flavour and absolutely unforgettable.

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