Top 5 Indian Wedding Invitations On Your Way

Top 5 Indian Wedding Invitations On Your Way


Enriched with joyous moments and splendid celebrations, Indian wedding roars last till the bride step into groom’s valley. Before all this hustle and bustle, certain tasks can’t be overlooked due to their utmost significance. Among various other matters, delivering invitations is yet another considerable job which needs to be done in an efficient manner.

Delivering invitations on weddings are one of the most common traditional practices. It’s been following over the years by the Indian ancestors to value all of the prestigious guests who are the major source of filling colors in the wedding. In India, various card publishers offer a wide, distinct range of wedding invitation cards. Selection can be made on the basis of design, color, material, price, and availability. To opt for the best option, the list of Indian wedding invitation designs can be followed:

Creative leaf patterned card



Creativity symbolizes one’s thought or idea in a traditional yet contemporary manner. Moreover, it can be the finest amalgamation of both the old and latest styles to gain notable attention. This leaf patterned card accentuates the touch ups of both modern and ancient era, making it more alluring for the buyers. The creative factor in this pattern is the center filled, alphabetical embellishment with great artistic feel.

Traditional village themed invitation



Some families are more inclined towards traditions. Their influential connection with traditions leads them to incorporate traditionally themed ideas in the entire wedding arrangements. This traditional village themed invitation highlights the exquisiteness of maroon and golden hues with some brilliant inventive carvings.
Moreover, a complementing combination of both the colors is extremely vibrant and captivating!

Contemporary styled wedding card


In recent times, weddings are transformed by latest vogues and customs. An increasing need of modernism into almost every field of life has changed the entire wedding trends. This sophisticated sky blue case with gorgeously decorated floral arrangements is perfect to make a lasting impression on the guests. Colors and contrasts are optional. Go for deep blue cases with a silvery arrangement or just make it simple with some pastel contrasts.

Mughal inspired theme invitation



Wedding card designers also depict various inspirations from the old civilizations. This Mughal inspired theme invitation reminds the splendid lifestyle and grandeur of Mughal emperors. With fine, golden tussles and both the supportive rods at the top and bottom, this invitation reflects a real luxury! Although it’s a bit expensive option but still very affordable, after a little bargain.

Beaded styled wedding card



Last but not the least; this enticing beaded style card is specifically designed for those who want some jewel embellishments on their invitations. Usually, brides are more excited to opt for such delightful themes that are equally beautiful and intricate. With soothing green and spirited pink glimpses, this piece is best for promoting modern weddings.

How prices affect the purchasing of wedding invitations?c71

Price distinction from one option to another plays a vital role in affecting buyer’s purchasing habits. Mostly, jewel inspired and showcased wedding cards in India are more expensive. On the contrary, other options like traditional and simple cards with general prints and not much artwork are more towards affordability.

The best thing while purchasing wedding invitations in India is prior a consultation from leading wedding planners or card publishers. This helps to achieve a great advice as per decided price range, choice and material of the invitation.

Wedding invitation needs to be distributed on time. Therefore, it is essential to choose it earlier by taking an immediate decision. As wedding is one of the greatest occasions for all of the couples, hence, make sure that wedding invitation should be sent as earlier as possible to prevent any last moment chaos.

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