15 Unusual Yet Cool Wedding Pictures That Would Make Your Jaw Drop

15 Unusual Yet Cool Wedding Pictures That Would Make Your Jaw Drop

15 Unusual Yet Cool Wedding Pictures That Would Make Your Jaw Drop

Weddings are mostly done formally, with all the churches, gardens and buildings. But you can ask yourself, “Do I want a formal wedding?” Look at the pictures below and let your imagination take you to a different dimension. These are 15 unusual yet cool wedding pictures that would make your jaw drop:

1. Pull Me Baby!

A wedding picture in Weihai, Shandong province in China, the groom pulls a rickshaw carrying his bride.



2. Hanging Together

Fang Jing and her groom hangs off a cliff in LIuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China. 



3. Puppets Kissing

Prasit Rangsiyawong and Varuttaon Rangsiyawong hang like puppets in Prachin Buri province, east of Bangkok, Thailand.



4.) You’re Mine Now!

A wedding photo of a bride dragging his groom on a busy alleyway or “hutong” in Beijing.



5. The Cold Never Bother Us Anyway

Akemi Kito and Hiroshi Matsuoka sign their covenant inside an ice chapel at the ‘Igloo Village’ on Lake Shikaribetsu on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido.


6. We’re Lovin’ It

Wedding at McDonald’s? Why not? Marisela Matienzo and Carlos Munoz just got married at McDonald’s in the suburb of San Pedro Garza, neighboring Monterrey in Mexico.


7. Is Today Really Our Wedding Day?

Meng Jun pulls a cart carrying his wife, Zeng Shuangying, in a traditional wedding ceremony in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China.



8. Piggyback Wedding Race

Brides ride on their grooms’ back during a mini-marathon New Year celebration in Sanya, South China’s Hainan province.


9. Getting Chased by a Pirate

Sorawich Changtor and Rungnapa Panla escapes as a man dressed as pirate are chasing them in Prachin Buri province, east of Bangkok, Thailand.


10. We Plant Our Lives Together

Joey Bayo and Lia Bayo plant a Mangrove tree after their wedding in San Jose town, Puerto Princesa, Palawan City, Philippines.


11. We Made It Through the Rain

In Manila, Philippines, Ramoncito Campo and Hernelie Ruazol Campo didn’t mind the flooded street during a southwest monsoon and made it to their wedding.



12. I-Pro-Nounce-You-Hus-Band-And-Wife

“I-Fairy”, a humanoid robot, officiates the wedding of Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inoue in Tokyo.



13. Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Wedding!

Rune Jamrath and Sine Andersan married at the World Santa Claus Congress at an amusement park in North of Copenhagen.



14. We Need Some Space

The first weightless wedding. ~ Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor got married aboard a specially-equipped Boeing 727, while flying over the Gulf of Mexico.



15. Underneath It All

Bride and groom from Manila, Philippines dived in an aquarium during an event to celebrate the month of June, the most popular wedding month.


These wedding pictures are crazy, right? Now let those imaginations of yours turn into a reality. After all, you are the boss of your own wedding. Make it happen. 🙂

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