Are Marriages Really made in Heaven?

Are Marriages Really made in Heaven?

I am a believer that marriage is a pious relationship of two souls. But recently read special report in Khaleej times which challenged this notion of mine that are marriages really made in heaven? The article highlighted that the number of divorces occurring in the UAE region has increased to a higher extent.

My dear readers must be thinking, I always write good things about weddings. How to look beautiful in your wedding, what to do, where to go? Then why I am discussing this scary divorce topic today. Dear friends, I know few of you are engaged and going to get married soon. I wish a happy married life for you. So, thought that the inputs below might enlighten you.


Talking about divorces, it’s not only UAE or the Arab region all over the world divorces have increased. These days some marriages not even last for a year or even few months. It is noticed that most of the times the conflict starts with a meager argument between the couple and ends in divorce.

The authorities at Dubai Courts highlighted, from the various cases that come to their department the major factors leading to divorce are social disparities, religious or cultural differences, personal, medical or hygiene issues, domestic violence, interference of other family members, financial matters, scams and even psychological concerns.


UAE especially Dubai being a multicultural hub, it is very natural that people from different religion or culture meet, fall in love and agree to get married. There isn’t any harm in this and not all marriages fail. But in a way to increase the marriage success rate it is necessary that you know your partner very well before saying the big YES. Understand each other’s life style, culture and religious practices and above all each other’s expectations from life. This will guide you that is this your dream relationship or just a feeling for due course of time?

Term it as modern day life style or lack of religious principles and moral values, youngster today take the marriage bond for granted. Certain cases revealed that unfaithfulness in the relationship, unwillingness to raise a family and lack of attention to your partner leads to filing of divorce.

If given a wise thought, most of the reasons mentioned above are under individual’s control. The belief in the institution of marriage and the importance of love, respect, devotion of time and sacrifice are the key to a successful and happy married life.

For the ones who are really having a troublesome time, the Family Reconciliation department of Dubai Court has laid out process to help you. They have made obligatory reconciliation sessions which might help you discover the hidden love and trust that you have lost.

Just a note, if you have kids than do think about the mental stress they go through when you have an imbalanced marriage. It’s a nightmare for them seeing their parents getting divorced.

Wish you all a happy married life and lot of love in your relationship.

Source – article from Khaleej times dated 12 April 2015.

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