Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Dubai

Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Dubai

A wedding is definitely a special occasion you won’t forget for the rest of your life that’s why you need the best people to capture those touching moments! Listed here are some of the best wedding photographers and videographers in Dubai who can help you keep those loving memories last forever. From the preparation until the post-wedding party, they will surely cover your entire romantic wedding story. 


The Studio Dubai

The Studio Dubai is a group of professional and dedicated in-house team of wedding photographers and videographers who will surely exceed your expectation. According to them, their love and passion for weddings are translated in their work which made all their clients very grateful and happy.


Blue Eye Picture

Blue Eye Picture is headed by of two premium photographers in Dubai, Gregory Grytchenco and Dorota J. Williams. Their style of photography is a combination of editorial and fine-art photojournalism to capture what’s truly beautiful about your wedding. Through their pictures, they promise to tell your story the way you want it to be told.


Itsoura Motions and Stills

Itsoura Motions and Stills is a group of contemporary wedding and lifestyle photographers and cinematographers in Dubai. They aim to capture the best moments in the most creative way possible to make your wedding memories one of a kind. Their images held life and personality which most wedding couples are looking for.


Photo Solutions Dubai

Photo Solutions Dubai is a group of highly professional, dedicated and creative photographers who have covered beautiful weddings around the world. Their years of experience in wedding photography will definitely assure you the best quality of work. They are best known for blending fine-art portraiture and documentary style photography.


MelRish Photos and Films

Melrish Photos and Films is named after the married couple Melon and Arish who are also the founder and photographers of this company. As a pair, they know exactly what do most couples want to be captured on their wedding. Their love for photography made them won few wedding photojournalism awards that made them one of the best wedding photographers in Dubai.


SarahC Portrait and Lifestyle Photography

SarahC is a South African photographer who’s now based here in Dubai. Her imaginative ability to capture heart-melting moments on wedding reflects amusingly in her craft. You can tell in her photographs that she aims to capture honest and real emotions not just from the couple but also the families and guests in the wedding.


Razzleberry Photography

Razzleberry Photography is started by a British photographer named Tom who lives currently in Dubai. He is known for his contemporary and very stylish kind of wedding photography. His genuine love for photojournalism transcends vividly in his work. He likes to keep his photos exceptional and different from the rest.

Nowadays, wedding is not just simply an occasion but it’s a story you surely want to treasure with you forever. So to keep those wonderful memories, you need your wedding photos and films as remembrances of that special day. All the passionate kisses, happy tears and other emotional moments must be recorded into pictures and motion flicks which you can look back anytime and even share to your next generation. For we believe that wedding is a memory of a love that will last a lifetime!

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Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Dubai
So to keep those wonderful memories, you need your wedding photos and films as remembrances of that special day. All the passionate moments.
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