Four Types Of Wedding Outfits That You Can Wear On Your Special Day

Four Types Of Wedding Outfits That You Can Wear On Your Special Day

A special day calls for a special dress. Your wedding is the most special day of your life. So, it deserves a very special dress too. Choosing the right dress for your wedding is as stressful as organising your wedding itself. It takes lots of time, hunting, shop visiting, trails, alterations, and finally, the selection. To be frank, you do not have to search too much for your wedding dress because when you see it, you will know it. It will be love at first sight, and you will want to get married in it. Searching for wedding dresses in Dubai is not a tough task if you have a particular idea in your mind.


Here are a few types of outfits that you can wear on your wedding day-


White Wedding Gown

We have seen princesses getting married in those white, flowy gowns. Ever since childhood, we all have dreamt of getting married to our prince charming in a white wedding dress. The gown may be simple or sequined, body hugging or huge and fluffy, layered or single piece. It can just be cut out into anything that you fancy. And a long train behind you will give you that finishing touch of a princess. Your partner can wear a black suit and tie to finish off the look.


Colourful Gown

There are some people who will find the white dress rather sober and repetitive. So, for all those who love colours, you can try out the many colourful gowns found in the stores. Elegant looking gowns come in all sizes, colours, shapes, and patterns. You can buy the one that matches with your partner’s suit. If you love bold looks, you can go for off shoulder and backless gowns too. You can try out all types of wedding gowns in Dubai and choose the one that steals your heart.



Lehenga is a rather South Asian outfit that is mostly worn during happy celebrations. It consists of a long flowing skirt and a top on it. The look is completed by a heavy veil that can be worn in ten different manners. The Lehenga is the hot favourite among most of the Asian brides, who love to keep a bit of their culture in their modern wedding. Also, because it looks elegant and gives a regal charm to the bride. The groom can wear a suit or a sherwani (a long shirt with a skin-tight pant) to complement the bride.



A Saree is also a South Asian outfit worn on the wedding day mostly in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal among other countries. It is a 9-yard-long piece of cloth tied around the waist in pleats, and finally, wrapped around the shoulder. It is worn on a blouse. There are various types of sarees, and you can have a ball choosing the one that suits you. Wearing a Saree will make you look poised and enchanting.


These are a few types of wedding outfits that you can choose from. Apart from these, you can also design a new outfit that will make you look beautiful on your wedding day.


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Wedding Outfits That You Can Wear On Your Special Day
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