How Can You Survive The Wedding Week!

How Can You Survive The Wedding Week!

Those 7 days seem like a decade when it is your big day. You might lose sleep, get panicked and be super-excited plus stressed out. If you want to keep those 7 days basic and not packed with hassles, we have just the perfect way you can go through the week before your wedding. This surviving guide will make sure you are calm, composed and relaxed.


1. Make a to do list– Lists always help and they can take you through months. It is just about 7 days. Write down a checklist and collect some work you can do for the wedding in the next 3 to 4 days. If you want add something in the menu, talk to the caterers about certain needs, check on decoration, buy shoes, etc.


2. Try on the dress– Last minute alterations are never a good idea. When you buy wedding gowns in Dubai, it might be perfect at first but if you have gained or lost any weight, the fitting could be a little off. Try it on with your entire ensemble like veil and shoes to see how it matches. Also, you could make your carry bag for the big day with your extra important things.


3. Making payments– Clear some finances and make final payments before the big day. This should be an important part in your to-do list. If you pay the vendors before time, you will not have to worry about clearing any payments later. You can just transfer through your bank or write them a cheque.


4. Meet guests– If out of town guests have arrived early, take out some time and have a get together with your family. It will lighten the mood and tiring of the wedding. This can be a good way to collect some contacts from guests who have arranged weddings before. In this way, you will have back-up support.


5. Pamper yourself– You are the bride! Pamper yourself with a day at the spa followed by a facial. Use sheet masks, hydrate your skin, don’t let any breakouts appear on your face. Detox your body and skin well before your wedding day. Take care of your hair, do a little yoga to unwind and hit the gym for light exercises.


6. Get the final trial– When we talk about trial, we are referring to makeup and hair. Finalize what look and hairdo you want for the rehearsal dinner, during the main ceremony and for the reception afterwards. If you have quite some time in between the events, you can change your makeup looks too. This week is a good time to test and try out things so you have everything final on the main day.


These are just a few things you can do before the main day. We know how difficult it can be to manage the 7 days before your big fat wedding day! Make it special by spending time with close friends and family. You can also take an out of town trip for 2 days for change.

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