The 5 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts!

The 5 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts!

Wedding gifts are always special for every couple, and if you want to make it unique, you should get personalized wedding gifts for the beautiful couple. While there might be a few people who will think of giving personalized items, but we have some excellent ideas. If you are confused about the best-customized wedding present, here you go: –


1. Book ends – Is the couple getting married obsessed with reading? Do they have a ton of books in their house? Well, this calls for a reason to give them book ends with their names on it or else a special message. You can find wooden book ends, metallic ones and a few with LED lights in them too. These are excellent gifts for those who are not too high on the budget for the wedding present.


2. Caricature – The excellent idea is to get caricature gifts Dubai for the soon to be wed couple. You can give them a mini version of themselves in bride and groom outfits. Caricature is a unique and out of the box gift! It is made with such delicate style that the couple will be stunned to see how accurate they look. Anyone would love to have caricatures made of themselves which they can store as a memory in their house. It is one of the best-personalized gifts ever!



3. Vintage frames – Not just a vintage frame, but something that has the bride and groom’s name on it or their initials. You can put in their best pictures or ask them to place wedding images inside the frame as a memory of the best day of their life. You can personalize the frame in various ways and write a cute message on the edges of it too. This is yet another heart touching present to give a couple getting married.





4. Photo canvas – A centrepiece above the fireplace or the bed! You can give them a late wedding present which could be a photo canvas. Pick out their most romantic wedding snap and create it in a huge canvas version. You can write a cute quote or a song lyric that fits the love story of the couple perfectly. This is a good personalized gift for someone, who prefers keeping photos in their rooms or usually decorates with pictures. If you know such a couple, this is a good idea.





5. Book of memories – Another beautiful personalized present is a book of memories of the couple. If you are extremely close to them or played cupid in their story, you can compile a book of their memories together before they tied the knot. You can edit snaps with different filters, put a small story underneath and give it to them. If it is a family member, you can add some quotes from other family friends as personal messages for their future.





So, what are you waiting for? Make your wedding gift unique, special and heart-warming out of all with these ideas. Personalize and put down memories, which will be cherished for life.



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