Inject Fun into Your Wedding Invitations Cards at The Bride Show Dubai

Inject Fun into Your Wedding Invitations Cards at The Bride Show Dubai

Break-free from the conventional and get inspired with some quirky invite options at The Bride Show Dubai



Come January and the wedding invitations start pouring! This year it looks like most of my friends have decided to tie the knot. While many of them have already put on their Sherlock Holmes hat in an attempt to investigate the most important wedding itinerary, The Bride Show Dubai has some great tips for everyone who’s looking for creative suggestions.

To be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 10-13 Feb 2016, The Bride Show Dubai has some enthralling options. From letterpress to gold foil and engraving, the options for artistic and imaginative wedding options are in plenty.

While I understand that finding the right wedding invitation can be as difficult as finding your partner-to-be, The Bride Show Dubai breaks free from the flowery scripts and expensive invitation preferences. The exclusive event promises to offer a great variety of stunning typography, vibrant colors, distinguished designs and engaging wordings.


Over the years, The Bride Show Dubai has grown from strength to strength. With the pass of each year the invite options have been enriched and improved too. From do-it-yourself wedding invites to edible invitations, the vendors at the world-class event know exactly how to depict your love story with colorful maps and references as the backdrop.

So if you’re looking to set a creative tone for your nuptials, there’s no better way to do so than The Bride Show Dubai. Whatever is your style of wedding, a whimsical or bright, a classic or contemporary, the exclusive event has got you covered with some fab-ideas for a great invitation.

Your one-stop-shop for paper pretties, The Bride Show Dubai is certain to introduce you to feel, style and concepts for your personalized wedding invitation. See you at The Bride Show Dubai to exchange some inspiring ideas.

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