The Why and How of Email Marketing as a Vital Tool for your Wedding Business?

The Why and How of Email Marketing as a Vital Tool for your Wedding Business?

Email marketing is the way to stay top of mind with brides at all stages of the wedding planning process. Let me list down the benefits of Email Marketing to help you understand The Why and How of Email Marketing as a vital tool for your wedding business.


  1. Low Budget compared to other main stream marketing channels. No print charges or exposure fee that you have to pay to magazines or TV channels.
  2. Targeting Interested Brides/Grooms. Majority of the times you will send newsletters or emails to the brides who have willingly signed up for your email subscription. So, higher chances of conversion rates for your brand.
  3. Call to Action. This is indeed very strong aspect of email marketing as with a tempting call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email newsletters can drive sales like no other channel.
  4. Easy to create. No rocket science involved in creating an informative email. It is the content and great deals that attract the brides to be.
  5. Segmented Campaigns. Email marketing gives you the benefit of segmenting your bride list into different groups depending upon their interest areas. For. E.g. you can have separate emails for the brides willing for a themed wedding or the ones looking for designer gowns over the others interested in intimate venues or traditional attires.
  6. Simple Tracking. Most of the latest email marketing software allows you to track open, click-through and conversion rates, making it simple to spot how a campaign can be improved.
  7. Easy to share and attract global audience. The deals and offers that you sent through emails can be easily forwarded by the recipients to their family and friends. Hence earning you more bridal exposure. Also, by integrating your social media profiles with your email campaign you can very easily spread the word to a global audience, very valuable for the wedding vendors who run online businesses.
  8. Real Time Emails help you interact with your brides in real time and can be preserved easily in the mailbox for future reference. You can also schedule messages on your customer’s birthdays or anniversaries etc.

Made up your mind for the next email campaign! Let me share few handy tips for a fruitful campaign.

  • Try to begin the email with customer’s name it gives a personal touch.
  • Segment your emails based on customers shopping habits, interests, location etc.
  • Recommend you to build your own organic list of email addresses.
  • Give subscribers options for what days, what type of content (blogs, promotional offers, etc.), and how often they want to receive your emails during the opt-in process.
  • Make the REPLY TO address a real person, not a role address such as And be sure to answer any replies you get, so people know they are contacting a real person and not an automated inbox.
  • Don’t forget to optimize your emails for mobile devices and tablets.

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Email Marketing as a Vital Tool for Wedding Business
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