Treat Your Valentine to a Romantic Salsa Dance Lesson at MAD (Mad About Dance Institute)

Treat Your Valentine to a Romantic Salsa Dance Lesson at MAD (Mad About Dance Institute)

Break-free from the conventional ideas and go dancing with your significant other!



It’s that time of the year again! Yes, the much-hyped Valentine’s Day is soon going to make its round. While I don’t really understand why lovers need a special day to express love, I also don’t want to stay away from it. That’s when I read about a romantic dance lesson at MAD (Mad About Dance Institute). Tired of the cliché chocolates and cards, this new and exciting concept seemed to appeal to me right away. After all what is more spicy and passionate than the language of dance?

So no matter what stage your relationship is in, MAD has created a special dance workshop titled ‘Bollywood Salsa’ for couples this Valentines. The workshop starts on February 7th and runs up to February 13th from 8:00pm till 9:00pm daily at the MAD Studios, M1 Level, Centrepoint Mall, Near Bur Juman.


Breaking up the usual card and gifts routine, MAD trainers will be introducing techniques inspired from the romanticism of Bollywood and the passionate moves of the Salsa – making it a unique combination of dance for couples.

As one of the most beautiful, elegant and sensual form of dance in modern times, Salsa is a perfect dance form to break the monotony and celebrate your love! In addition, the sassy salsa workshop will oversee a celebration on the 13th of February for couples to dance and show off their skills at a Valentines party hosted by MAD (Mad About Dance Institute). So grab your valentine and head to this couples-only workshop to learn some flirty fun moves designed especially for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and groove to some exciting beats to loosen up a bit and have loads of fun. So don’t waste any more time and enroll yourself at MAD (Mad About Dance Institute) for an adventurous experience. I have already registered myself. Look forward to seeing you there!


To know more about MAD (Mad About Dance Institute) click here

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