Wedding Cakes: 5 Deliciously Divine Trends for 2016

Wedding Cakes: 5 Deliciously Divine Trends for 2016

Wedding Cakes: A delectable journey of sugary sweet!

Wedding cakes

Wedding cake is the only edible centerpiece at your wedding reception. It is the sweetest moment of your grand celebration. But just as everything popular keeps changing, so do the wedding cake trends. As I narrowed my list down to a few, I realized that 2016 is going to be a year of drippy, dreamy, deliciously divine wedding cakes ideas.

Straight from the catwalk, the too-pretty-to-eat wedding cakes could be anything from the extravagant fondant cake to the simple buttercream florals. From simple to exclusive, the best wedding cakes are those that taste divine. So let’s take a look at some inspirational wedding cake styles that are sure to be a hit in the next quarter of 2016.

Tall Cakes: The ‘BIG’ is back this season! Yes, multi-layered or tall cakes will rule the wedding charts this season. Perfect for extravagant occasions, this simple wedding cake trend is ought to leave an impression on your big day!

Wedding Cakes

Textured Cakes: Textured cakes is said to be one of the hottest wedding trends of 2016. From ruffles to spatula impressions, cakes incorporating texture is a perfect visual treat.

Wedding Cakes

Metallic Cakes: Metallics is the way forward for wedding cake trends. Subtle hits of gold, bronze and silver, are perfect if you want to make a statement at your wedding. Used as shapes or delicate embroidery, metallic cakes are certain to add that sheen that your cake deserves!

Wedding Cakes

Geometric Cakes: Bold and contemporary designs of geometry are wedding cake toppers! While these can be simple geometric shapes or patterns its best to match it with the opulent wedding venue or the bride’s dress. Top it with punchy shades and you have the best wedding cake trend for 2016!

Wedding cake

Black Cakes: White is a thing of the past! Black is the new norm for wedding cakes. Decorate it with sprinkles, metallics or leave it plain, the black cake is sure to capture your guest’s attention.

Wedding Cakes

Whatever style you choose, remember that your wedding cake should narrate your story to your guests. It is a reflection of your own personality, so keep it simple, yet stylish! But most importantly let your sweet delicacy be an inspiration from the 2016 wedding cake trends.

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