Wedding Checklist for Brides FREE Download!!!

Wedding Checklist for Brides FREE Download!!!

Wedding Checklist for Brides FREE Download!!!

As a bride, you of all people know that your Wedding is one of the best dreams you ever dreamed as a woman. Every detail should be perfect. You wouldn’t want to pout and regret while looking at your wedding video and photographs, would you? Wedding is not something to be taken lightly. It is sacred. It is very special. It is something that would make your life change into something different, something better. Different in a positive and romantic way. It’s like going out to the Milky Way and spend your lives, together with your partner, in a completely unique planet away from ours.

Now you wonder,

“How can I make my wedding as perfect as 100%?”

“How can I avoid errors and do everything as it should be done?”

“How can I avoid stress while preparing my wedding? I am the bride. I should look my best on my wedding.”


Worry no more my dear! We have something prepared just for you.

If you want to have the perfectly prepared wedding, the best time to prepare things is 1 year before your wedding.  Here are your quarterly preparation:

  1. In the six (6) to twelve (12) months of preparation, you need to schedule your wedding date, budget your finance, reserve the wedding and reception venue, develop guest list, find your photographer and videographer, and many more.
  1. In three (3) to five (5) months, your bridal attire should be ready already, you have to order your wedding invitations, select ceremony songs, makeup & hairstyle rehearsal and many more.
  1. In two (2) months, you should be able to deliver your invitation to your family, friends and other guests, order your wedding cake, and many more.
  1. In one (1) and final month of preparation, you should finalize all the apparels, buy groom’s wedding gift, finalize living arrangements and so much more.

The complete Checklist is FREE for you to download. Simply send us your details in the form right next to it and we will gladly send it to  you. You can also Plan Your Wedding with us! We want you to be the happiest on your wedding, after all, you are the Bride. 😉

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